With the premiere of Apple Watch a whole new market has been created for mobile devices. The device is still unsurpassed by the competition, gained immense popularity, thanks to its appearance and functionalities. The introduction of the new device has forced Apple to create a completely new system, capable of working with small screens and using limited resources. In this tutorial I'll show you by the example, how to create an application that works under the control of the iOS and watchOS using the framework WatchConnectivity.

watchOS video tutorial

I invite you to watch a recording of application development. I apologize for the debut stage fright in advance :)


The repository is available on my GitHub

What's next?

In the next post I'm going to show how to handle notifications.

I hope that both the film and the code will be useful to someone who begins his adventure with developing an application on the apple watch platform.

About the author:

Konrad Roj

iOS Developer in BT Skyrise. Fascinated by the Apple technology, holder of almost all of the company's devices. Loves to create and delve into difficult secrets of programming in Objective-C and Swift. Also recently in spare time collects Pokemon :)

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